PREMIERE September 23, 2022

Sky & Fall book 3: Traces of Gods

Chased by both the police and the Cornucopia, Alexander and Rebecca must track down the mysterious woman in the 1942 photo—the real Rebecca Skyler. Maybe she has the answers to who Alexander really is and where he comes from? Maybe the real Rebecca knows the secrets behind the silver staff and who is really behind the mysterious organization Cornucopia who is now doing everything to stop them.

At the same time, the enormous cube that was buried in the Siberian tundra has been set in motion. With unimaginable speed it travels underwater towards an unknown destination. And on the other side of the Atlantic, at Area 51, Major Hendrix continues to research the second cube and the substance that was shot out of it and affected Private Ken Walsh, who hour by hour undergoes a fundamental physical and psychological change. Step by step, Hendrix realizes the truth behind the cubes and the mysterious staff - a truth that is not only surprising, but also a threat to all of humanity.

Traces of Gods is the spectacular end to the trilogy that began with Red Dawn and Blue Dusk. Here the story gets its final resolution, which is as breathtakingly exciting as it is shockingly unexpected.