Svart stjärna – A Storytel Original series!

Storytel has launched its original audiobook series this summer and my brother Joakim and I have written a series called Svart stjärna (Black Star). It’s an exciting Sci-Fi adventure about an airplane with 200 passengers that vanishes without a trace. No crash site is found. The country immediately goes on high alert thinking that it could be a terrorist attack. Thana ‘Monty’ Montgomery, who just celebrated that she got her dream job at the Swedish National Space Board, is called in to coordinate with NASA expert, Dr. Hyman. Together with antiterrorist operative Henry Jäger they are sent out to investigate the area where the airplane vanished. But nothing goes as planned and the trio is pulled into a series of incredible and horrific events.

The series concept is along the lines of a TV series with seasons consisting of ten, one hour, episodes. The first season was released on July 5, 2016 and is narrated by brilliant actor Stefan Sauk. Stefan really makes the story pop and come alive! Awesome!

Special Thank You to Bia Sigge, our fearless publisher, for believing in us and shepherding this massive endeavor!

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